‘The Story of Animation’ is an informative film about using animation in business and corporate purposes, and in a simple way explains how YOU can use animation as a visual storyteller in your company.

fredag den 22. juli 2011

Week 4 - Last week of pre-production

"History of Animation"- sequence

We have been very busy these last weeks getting the overall design right.  Sandra has been working on the pipeline test that is almost finished and soon to be uploaded. Meanwhile Stine created these designs on a light bulb for a sequence in the film. The light bulb is used as an example of different animation styles through time.

This is an Emile Cohl (1857-1938) - also called " the father of animation" - inspired drawing. 

Winsor McCay created an animation character called Gertie back in 1914 that
Stine incoporated into her drawing of the light bulb. 

Maybe you recognize this? This design is inspired by the third Mickey Mouse
film produced called Steamboat Willie (1928).

Again a Disney inspired style...

Modern take on how a light bulb would look like when done in
South Park cut-out style.
Stine blended the Aardman characters Wallace and Gromit into this
version of the light bulb.

...and of course a Pixar 3D take on how a light bulb would look like now-a-days.

Color board

The color keys and tones for the entire film are taking form adding to the different moods in the film.

Color board done by Stine Sæthre.
Pipeline test

This is the preliminary pipeline test for "The Story of Animation". The test is without sound and is the first actual test which means that a lot of changes might come later on in the production.

Animation by Sandra N. Andersen

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